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Garage Roof Replacement
Initially this roof had a 9 inch sag which was bowing exterior walls out as a result.  The old roof was completely removed.  Then exterior walls were straightened before re-framing the roof.  After that it was just a matter of laying the flashing and and roofing material. 

There was also an electrical issue that I uncovered under the drywall inside that was corrected and brought up to code.  If I find a problem while doing a job my customers can be safe in knowing that I will bring it to their attention so it can be addressed accordingly.
Reclaimed Timber Accent Wall
With this wall I started with some very old timbers removed from an old building.  I fist had to cut timbers to workable size with a circular saw.  Then run through a table saw about four different ways (some many times to reach desired rough thickness).  Finally pass after pass through a power planer to get to a finish smooth surface for sealing before installing.  As you can see, old wood can be made to look spectacular again with a little love.
Basement Remodel
This is a basement remodel that also had a few custom builds to finish it off.  Existing rooms were in need of restoring.
Threshold Repair
The tile in this home could not be exactly matched so tile was cut back just beyond chip to alow for a wood threshold to be installed. 
School Turned House 
This is an old school that was purchased and turned into living space. Steel had to be bent as trim and installed steel siding around new windows.